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The VeeTags maze is a simple environment consisting of two walls forming a vee, with three AprilTag markers on each wall. The walls are 1000 mm long and the angle between them is 120 degrees.


The walls can be posterboard, cardboard, or (recommended) Plasticor. See the article on Maze Construction for more advice about materials.

The centers of the AprilTags must be exactly 7 inches (177.8 mm) above the floor. The exact size of the tags doesn't matter, but 4-by-4 inches works well.

See the AprilTags article for instructions on how to print the tags at any desired size.

There is a VeeTags world in Mirage with the maze constructed as described here. It can be found in /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools/mirage/worlds/VeeTags.mirage

There is a VeeTags demo with the maze walls and AprilTags set up in the world map. To run this demo from the ControllerGUI, go to Root Control > Framework Demos > Navigation Demos > VeeTags.

Maze Layout

  • Each maze wall is 1 meter long
  • The walls meet at a 120 degree angle
  • All tag centers are 6 inches (152.4 mm) above the ground
  • The AprilTags from left to right are:
    • Tags 0, 1, and 2 on the left wall
    • Tags 3, 4, and 5 on the right wall
  • Tag 2's center is 12 inches in from the right edge of the left wall
  • Tag 3's center is 12 inches in from the left edge of the right wall
  • The remaining tags on a wall are spaced 8 inches apart, center-to-center
  • Tag size doesn't matter, but in the Mirage world the tags are 6x6 inches
  • The robot starts at (0,0) facing north.