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This page will show you how to install Tekkotsu on an Ubuntu workstation or netbook. You should have already installed all the required packages and dot files as described on the Ubuntu install instructions page. If you haven't done that, do it now, then come back to this page.

1. Check out the latest release of Tekkotsu:

sudo -s
cd /usr/local
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.tekkotsu.org:/cvs co -P Tekkotsu

2. If you're still using the old Ubuntu 12.04 and a Calliope2SP robot, you need to accommodate a change in the PS3 Eye device driver:

 cd /usr/local/Tekkotsu/defaults
 \cp hal-Calliope2SP.plist.ubuntu12 hal-Calliope2SP.plist

3. If you're using something other than a Create (or basic Calliope) robot, use your favorite editor to edit /usr/local/Tekkotsu/project/Environment.conf to select a default value for TEKKOTSU_TARGET__MODEL. The default default is TGT_CREATE; other popular options are TGT_CALLIOPE3A, TGT_CALLIOPE2SP, TGT_CALLIOPE5KP, and TGT_ERS7. If you skip this step, or will be using multiple robot types, you can override the target model in the make command by typing, e.g., make -j4 tekkotsu-CALLIOPE2SP.

4. Once you've edited and saved the Environment.conf file, you can compile Tekkotsu:

exit     # if you are superuser, become a regular user again
cd /usr/local/Tekkotsu/project
make -j4   # use 'make -j8' if running on a fast workstation or just 'make' on an older netbook

5. Copy the project directory to the user's home directory.

su user
cp -rp /usr/local/Tekkotsu/project ~

Optional Software

  • If you're using a robot with Dynamixel servos, such as the Chiara, Calliope2SP, or Calliope5KP, you will want to compile the dynamixel_util tool. Do:
cd /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools/dynamixel_util
make    # use 'make -j4' if running on a fast workstation