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This page contains tips for updating the Tekkotsu software on yourCreate/ASUS robot. The basic instructions for doing an update are:

sudo -s
cd /usr/local/Tekkotsu
cvs -q update -dP
cd project

Occasionally there are updates made to the Tekkotsu system files in the project directory, so it's not a bad idea to update those as well. Don't do this as root.

cd ~/project
cvs -q update -dP

After the update of Tekkotsu is complete, you will want to recompile your own code:

cd ~/project

2/2010: Change to Startup and UserBehavior Conventions

As of February 2010 the startup files in the ~/project directory have changed, and when you do a cvs update, you need to take the following steps to make Tekkotsu work again; otherwise you will get compilation errors:

cd ~/project
rm Startup*
cvs update

Then edit UserBehaviors.h and remove all conflict markers ("<<<<<<<<" and "========" and ">>>>>>>>") and any references to HelloWorldBehavior in Part 1 or Part 2.

With this change to Tekkotsu, you no longer need to register behaviors in UserBehaviors.h. Instead of creating, e.g., MyDemo.h.fsm, call the file and on the last line, write: REGISTER_BEHAVIOR(MyDemo);

Besides eliminating the need to edit UserBehaviors.h every time you write a new behavior, this change also makes compilations faster. If you choose to convert your existing behaviors to .cc.fsm files with REGISTER_BEHAVIOR calls then you can delete UserBehaviors.h and entirely.

9/2009: Install libasound-dev Sound Library

As of September 2009 you need to install libasound-dev due to enhancements to Tekkotsu's sound support under Linux. If you don't do this, Tekkotsu will report compilation or linking errors during the make process. To install it, type:

sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev

6/2009: Install Perl package Parse::RecDescent

You need to install the Perl module Parse::RecDescent in order to make use of the new stateparser released in June 2009. Tekkotsu now depends on this module, so installation is not optional. To install it, type:

sudo perl -MCPAN -e "install Parse::RecDescent"

The CPAN program may ask you if you want manual or automatic configuration; select automatic. It may also ask for permission to connect to the Internet; tell it "yes". If you get into any other kind of dialog with CPAN, just keep hitting Enter to accept the defaults and everything will be fine.