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Tekkotsu Wiki: Main Page

New users should start with the article on Teaching with Tekkotsu. Visit for information about robot platforms available for use with Tekkotsu. See the Labs and Tutorials pages for lists of laboratory exercises and tutorials.

  • AprilTags (Augmented Reality Tags from the APRIL Lab at UMich)
  • Color Segmentation
EasierTrain tool (recommended)
EasyTrain tool
  • Create/ASUS Robot
Create/ASUS Assembly Instructions
Create/ASUS Quick Start
Adding a Webcam to the Create/ASUS
ASUS Camera Settings
Create Controls and Indicators
Create Odometry Bug
Create/ASUS install instructions
Create/ASUS Sensors
Software Updates
  • Inter-Robot Communication
Creating a Remote Listener
RemoteButtonEvent Demo
State Machines and Remote Events
  • Kinematics
Denavit-Hartenberg conventions
Denavit-Hartenberg Wizard
DisplayKinTree demo
CreateWallFollow Demo
LookForBiColorMarkers demo
PilotDemo class
  • Networking tips
Chiara wireless setup
DHCP server
Forwarding X connections in ssh
ssh authorized key
Static IP address
  • Quick Start Pages
Create/ASUS Quick Start
Flash Drive Quick Start
  • Setting up a navigation environment:
Markers: AprilTags, Cylindrical Markers, Planar Markers
Maze Construction
TagCourse Maze
VeeTags Maze
  • SIFT Object Recognition
SIFT instructional video
SIFT Demo (shown in the video)
  • State Machines (including shorthand syntax, labs, and programming tips)
  • Vision Demos
AprilTest demo
DrawShapes demo