Denavit-Hartenberg Wizard

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The Denavit-Hartenberg Wizard is a tool for examining and modifying the kinematic descriptions of robots contained in Tekkotsu .kin files. A robot is organized as a tree of joints, each with its own reference frame. Tekkotsu follows the Denavit-Hartenberg conventions for describing kinematic reference frames via the parameters theta, alpha, d, and r. The DHWizard also maintains various additional parameters, such as the min and max values for a joint, the current joint angle (q), and the mesh file and scale factors to use for displaying the joint in the Mirage simulator.

Screenshot from DHWizard tool.

Running the DHWizard

To make full use of the DHWizard you should first install the Mirage simulator. See the Mirage install instructions for how to do that.

The DHWizard executable is in Tekkotsu/tools/DHWizard. Call it with a kin file as the first argument. (You can find the kin file for your robot in the project/ms/config directory.) An optional second argument specifies the host on which the Mirage server is running (defaults to localhost). You can run the DHWizard without running Mirage; in this mode you can display the kinematic chain parameters but cannot see the effects on the robot's body of modifying these parameters.

Additional Information