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Create buttons and LEDs

  • To run the robot: unplug the charger, then press the Power button. The power LED will flash red/green for a second, then turn steady green as the robot emits a single beep. It is now ready for Tekkotsu to control.
  • The Play (Tekkotsu "green" button) and Advance (Tekkotsu "yellow" button) are for user inputs
  • If the cliff detector is triggered, Tekkotsu will enter emergency stop mode

Indicators When Charger Is Plugged In

  • Pulsing orange: battery is charging
  • Steady green: battery is fully charged
  • Green with sad four-note beep: Tekkotsu is trying to talk to the robot (must disconnect the charger to proceed)
  • Very rapid red/green pulsing: Tekkotsu was running when the charger was plugged in; robot is now stopped

Indicators When Not Charging

Note: these are the default LED meanings. User programs can set the LEDs if they wish.

  • No lights: robot is turned off
  • Steady green: robot is powered up and ready to run
  • Alternating red/yellow/green: emergency stop mode (click Un-Stop in ControllerGUI to resume)
  • Steady yellow: battery running down
  • Steady red: battery almost dead