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This page will show you how to operate your Create/ASUS robot. Your robot should have come with Linux and Tekkotsu pre-installed, but if you need to reinstall anything, see the Create/ASUS install instructions.


Power On

  1. Make sure the batteries on the ASUS netbook and the Create robot are charged.
  2. Turn on the netbook. It should boot and log you in automatically. If it asks you to log in, specify the user name "user". Ask the robot's owner for the password.
  3. Make sure the USB-to-serial cable connecting the netbook to the Create is plugged in.
  4. Disconnect the Create from the battery charger, then press the power button. The power LED should flash and then turn green, and the robot should give a little beep. If you're unfamiliar with the Create, see this list of Create Controls and Indicators.

Starting Tekkotsu

1. Go to Accessories > Terminal to start up a terminal. 2. In the terminal window, type control-shift-T to create a new tab. In this second tab, type:

ControllerGUI localhost

A ControllerGUI window should pop up on the screen, but it will be mostly empty and the buttons won't work yet. 3. Click on the first tab in the terminal window, and start up Tekkotsu by typing:

cd ~/project

4. Tekkotsu should start up and play a little beep sound, and the ControllerGUI window should come alive. If this doesn't happen, see the Create/ASUS Troubleshooting Guide.

Taking Your Robot for a Test Drive

  1. In the ControllerGUI window, click on the RawCam button and verify that you are getting camera images. Click on RawCam again to deactivate the RawCam viewer.
  2. Click on the "W" button to activate the Walk Controller. (The "H" and "A" buttons won't do anything on the Create, so stick with "W".) Click and drag the red dot in the Walk Controller window to make the Create travel in that direction.
  3. To learn more about operating the robot, see Lab: Teleoperation and Sensor Observer.

Controlling Your Robot From a Linux Workstation

You can control your robot remotely via WiFi or an Ethernet connection. This allows you to use a full-size screen and keyboard for programming, and saves you from having to chase your robot around the room when debugging. 1. Make sure your robot has an IP address. To find its IP address, type one of the following commands in a shell:

ifconfig wlan0          (for WiFi)
ifconfig eth0           (for Ethernet)

If your robot doesn't have an IP address, go to the wireless networking icon in the top right of the display and select a wireless network, or go to System > Network Tools and adjust the settings. 2. Make sure Tekkotsu is installed on your Linux workstation and /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools/bin is on your search path. Then type:

ControllerGUI robots_ip_address

3. Run tekkotsu-CREATE on the robot and the ControllerGUI will connect to it automatically.