Calliope Robot

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Calliope robot with arm prototype version 4.
  • Software
Calliope Quick Start
Calliope install instructions
Sony PlayStation Eye driver install instructions
Software Updates
  • Hardware
Calliope2SP install
Sony PlayStation Eye Webcam
Calliope5KP assembly instructions
Calliope5P servo ids
Calliope page at (with videos)

Calliope Models

Calliopebasic model, formerly called the Create/ASUS robot
CalliopeLPLogitech webcam and pan/tilt (now obsolete)
CalliopeSPSony Eye webcam and pan/tilt
Calliope2SP2-DOF arm, Sony Eye webcam, and pan/tilt
Calliope5SP5-DOF arm, Sony Eye webcam, and pan/tilt
Calliope5KP5-DOF arm, Microsoft Kinect, and pan/tilt