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This page will show you how to operate your Calliope robot. Your robot should have come with Linux and Tekkotsu pre-installed, but if you need to reinstall anything, see the Calliope install instructions.

Power On

Note: these instructions assume that you have installed the correct Linux Udev Rules on the netbook to ensure that device ids are assigned correctly.

  1. Make sure that the ASUS netbook and Create batteries are both fully charged. If your Calliope includes an auxiliary battery in the cargo bay make sure that is charged as well.
  2. Make sure the webcam is plugged in to the netbook's USB port.
  3. Make sure the USB hub is plugged in to the netbook's other USB port.
  4. Make sure the USB-to-serial cable is plugged in to the USB hub, and the other end is plugged in to the Create.
  5. Turn on the netbook. It should boot and log you in automatically. If it asks you to log in, specify the user name "user". Ask the robot's owner for the password.
  6. Disconnect the Create from the battery charger, then press the power button. The power LED should flash red/green and then turn solid green, and the robot should give a little beep. If the power LED is yellow or red, the battery is low. If you're unfamiliar with the Create, see this list of Create Controls and Indicators.

Starting Tekkotsu

From here on the steps for running Tekkotsu are the same as for the Create/ASUS robot, except that instead of running tekkotsu-CREATE you will run tekkotsu-CALLIOPENOARM or tekkotsu-CALLIOPE, depending on which model you have. Please see the Create/ASUS Quick Start page for detailed instructions.