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Middle School

  • Teleoperation: Use the ControllerGUI to drive the robot around; use the RawCam viewer to see the world from the robot's point of view.
  • Sound effects: In the ControllerGUI, go to File Access > Play Sound and let students try the different sound files.
  • Talking robot: In the ControllerGUI, go to Framework Demos > Interaction > Text to Speech and let students experiment with making the robot talk.
  • Obstacle course: Set up an obstracle course using cardboard boxes, empty soda cans, and similar objects, and have students use the Walk Control to navigate the robot through the obstacle course. For a harder task: make them rely on the RawCam display instead of looking directly at the robot.

High School

  • All of the middle school activities above can also be used with high school students.
  • Color perception: Use the SegCam viewer to explore how the robot sees colors. What effect does changing the room lighting have?
  • Mirage world builder
  • State machine projects: these projects can be done using only the built-in node classes, so students don't have to write any C++ code.
    • Combination lock.
    • Red light, green light.