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Acer Aspire One D270 Memory Upgrade Instructions

The Acer Aspire One D270 comes with 1GB RAM but can be upgraded to 2GB, which is recommended because it speeds up Tekkotsu compiles. The upgrade proceedure is a bit more involved than on the ASUS netbooks. An instructional video can be found at this YouTube page.

Old: Acer Aspire One D270 Screen Brightness

This issue seems to have been fixed by time the 3.2.0-45-generic kernel came out. For older versions, see discussion here:

To set the brightness, do:

 sudo setpci -s "00:02.0" f4.b=20

Old: Acer Aspire One 725 Touchpad

Ubuntu 12.04 and Tekkotsu have been tested on the Acer Aspire One 725.

To get the touchpad to work, do:

sudo echo options psmouse proto=imps >>/etc/modprobe.d/options.conf
sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse

Then hit Function-F7 to turn on the touchpad.

Note: you will have to hit Function-F7 after every reboot to enable the touchpad.