Tools for a Robot Lab

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Where To Purchase Tools

The tools described here are generic; you can purchase them from many local outlets, such as Home Depot, Harbor Freight, Sears, or Radio Shack. They're also available by mail order from vendors such as Amazon or Parts Express. We don't include direct links to vendor product pages here because link rot is likely to render them useless in short order.

Basic Tool Kit

  • A latchable toolbox to hold and carry your stuff. (Plastic models are under $10 at Home Depot.)
  • Precision mini-screwdriver set: available from Home Depot or Parts Express
  • A set of Phillips head screwdrivers: #0, #1, and #2. Available from Home Depot or any hardware store.
  • A needle nose pliers.
  • Some small empty boxes. Teach your students to always use a box to hold parts they've removed from a robot so nothing gets lost before it can be reinstalled.

Intermediate Tool Kit

  • An inexpensive multimeter.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Wire stripper.
  • Soldering iron.