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Tekkotsu normally runs on board the robot and directly accesses the sensors and effectors the robot provides. But it can also be run in simulator mode on a workstation, using logged (previously recorded) sensor data, or no data at all if you just want to test something that doesn't require sensor inputs.


Running Without Sensor Data

If you run something like tekkotsu-CREATE or tekkotsu-CHIARA on a workstation using the default settings for a real robot, Tekkotsu will halt part way through the start-up sequence because it's waiting for sensor updates that never happen. To alleviate this, set WaitForSensors to false, e.g.,

./tekkotsu-CREATE WaitForSensors=false


 HAL-Create> WaitForSensors=false

Logging Data For Later Use

Using Logged Data

./tekkotsu-CREATE "delete Camera" "new LoggedData" "Vision.Sources.0=LoggedData"

Using Synthetic Data From Mirage