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To run the Mirage simulator, first make sure that it is installed and compiled on your machine:

ls -l /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools/mirage/mirage

If this file is missing, you need to install Mirage. See the Mirage install instructions.

You can run Mirage by itself, instead of with Tekkotsu, if you just want to test out an environment file or experiment with the camera motion commands. See the Mirage Tab section below for instructions.

When using Mirage with Tekkotsu you will want to have three tabs open in your terminal window: a Tekkotsu tab, a Mirage tab, and a ControllerGUI tab. Type control-shift-T in a terminal window to make new tabs. Then follow the steps below:

ControllerGUI Tab

In the third tab, start the ControllerGUI, giving it "localhost" as the robot name.

ControllerGUI localhost

Mirage Tab

In the second tab, start the Mirage simulator. You may pass as an optional argument the name of a Mirage environment file to load. If no argument is specified, Mirage uses a default environment consisting of a ruled plane. Some example environments are supplied in the mirage/worlds directory, including a tic-tac-toe board. The Mirage script will search this directory if it doesn't find the specified file in the current working directory. Example:

Mirage tictactoe.mirage

In the OGRE dialog window, disable full-screen mode and set the display size to 640x480. (You only have to do this the first time your run Mirage.) Then click on "Accept" to proceed.

If the display looks abnormal, you may need to change the RTT Preferred Mode setting from "FBO" to "Copy" in the OGRE dialog window.

Tekkotsu Tab

In the first tab, run Tekkotsu and pass it the mirage.plist configuration file to tell it to use Mirage for its sensor inputs. For example, if you are working with the Calliope robot you would type:

cd ~/project
./tekkotsu-CALLIOPE -c mirage.plist

Moving Around

Basic motion commands are a, d, s, and w. (Type these in the OGRE window.) See Mirage Keyboard Commands for the complete list of Mirage commands.