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Example Worlds

Example worlds can be found in Tekkotsu/tools/mirage/worlds. Here is the current list:

castle.mirageTwo midieval castles
city.mirageA city street scene
gridcube.mirageA 3x3 array of cube shapes
grouporange.mirage     A pyramid-shaped stack of spheres
maze.mirageA walled maze
spiral.mirageSpiral wall with different color sections
staircase.mirageBlue spiral staircase
tictactoe.mirageTic-tac-toe board

WorldBuilder Tool

The worldbuilder tool provides a simple language for constructing mirage worlds containing various shapes, textures, and lighting. Information about the tool is available at this [Mirage World Builder page].

The tool can be found at: Tekkotsu/tools/WorldBuilder

Mazegen Tool

The mazegen tool generates random mazes, based on user-supplied parameters, for use with Mirage. See this [Mirage documentation page] for more information.

Adjusting the Parameters of Mirage Environments

To control parameters such as gravity and lighting, see this [Mirage documentation page]