Mirage Keyboard Commands

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This page is part of the Mirage colleciton. See the instructions on Running Mirage for how to launch the simulator. Once it's running, these are the available commands:

Camera Motion

  • a move left
  • d move right
  • w move forward
  • s move backward
  • Page Up move up
  • Page Down move down
  • pitch up
  • pitch down
  • yaw left
  • yaw right

Special Viewing Modes

  • u Unfollow any object and reset the display
  • h toggle display of collision models (blue boxes) and centers of mass (yellow balls)
  • b toggle display of link bounding boxes
  • f select object at center of window and display its bounding box
  • Control-f follow object by moving the camera; orientation stays fixed
  • Alt-f follow object by rotating the camera; position stays fixed
  • Contol-Alt-f lock the camera to the object
  • 1 Track robot-1 (same as Alt-F if robot 1 is centered)

Additional Commands

  • r reset the model; reloads environment files again (only .mirage and .kin data, not mesh or material files)
  • T display profiling statistics

Note: sometimes after a reset, the camera is left at an awkward angle that cannot easily be corrected with the camera motion commands because there is no direct control of the roll axis. If this happens, use the "u" (unfollow) command to reset the camera pose.