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1. Install libpng and libjpeg. Ethan Tira-Thompson provides installation packages for these libraries, or you can install via MacPorts.

2. Perl package installation: hit Return to accept all offered defaults.

sudo perl -MCPAN -e "install Parse::RecDescent"

3. Check out the latest release of Tekkotsu:

cvs -d co -P Tekkotsu

If you put Tekkotsu anywhere besides /usr/local, edit Tekkotsu/project/Environment.conf to indicate this location.

4. If you're using something other than a Create/ASUS robot, use your favorite editor to edit Tekkotsu/project/Environment.conf to select a default value for TEKKOTSU_TARGET_MODEL. The default default is TGT_CREATE; other options are TGT_CHIARA, TGT_HANDEYE, and TGT_ERS7. (If you skip this step, or will be using multiple robot types, you can override the target model in the make command by typing, e.g., make -j4 tekkotsu-CHIARA.) Once you've edited and saved the Environment.conf file, you can compile Tekkotsu:

cd /usr/local/Tekkotsu/project
make -j4

(where the '4' in '-j4' is the number of processors to use in the compilation, e.g. use '-j2' for a dual-core CPU.)

5. You can use any editor you like for development and run make as on linux, however if you would like to use Apple's Xcode for building, see the Xcode setup page.