Lab: Kinematics draft notes

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Do this lab with the Calliope2SP or Calliope5KP robot.

  1. Display the transformation matrix for ARM:base
  2. Display the kinematic tree
  3. Denavit-Hartenberg conventions
  4. Use DHWizard to browse the kinematic tree
  5. Display the transformation matrix for ARM:elbow
  6. Forward kinematics: move the arm and watch the coordinates change
  7. Converting coordinates between reference frames
  8. Inverse kinematics: atan2 for a one-joint arm
  9. Call solve() to do IK on the base joint
  10. Two orthognal links: do IK on the base + elbow (or shoulder) joints
  11. Two links in the same plane: do IK on the shoulder and elbow joints (HandEye or 5KP)
  12. CameraTrackGripper, GripperTrackCamera
  13. Quaternions as orientations
  14. Plotting orientations as axis objects
  15. Using orientations with 5KP IK solver
  16. Using the Grasper to solve IK problems