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If you've just been handed a Tekkotsu flash drive, this page will show you how to use it to operate a simulated robot using the Tekkotsu software framework. If you don't yet have a flash drive, or need to make another one, see the article on Flash drive install instructions.


Booting From a Flash Drive

Your Tekkotsu flash drive includes Ubuntu Linux 10.04. You will need to boot from the flash drive in order to use it.

  1. Power down your computer.
  2. Insert the flash drive.
  3. Power up the computer, and escape out of the normal boot sequence so you can tell it to boot from the flash drive instead. Depending on the type of computer you're using, you may have to press the Escape key or the F2 key, or perhaps something else. On an ASUS netbook it's the Escape key. Select the USB flash drive as the boot device, and boot
  4. When Ubuntu finishes booting, you will be logged in as "user". The initial password is "tekkotsu".

Safely Shutting Down

When you're ready to shut down, do not simply remove the flash drive from your computer! Click on the power icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Shutdown". After your cmoputer has powered down it is safe to remove the flash drive.

Starting a Terminal

Click on the Accessories tab in the left navigation bar, and run the Terminal application. You will need three tabs to run Tekkotsu plus the simulator and the ControllerGUI application. You can make extra tabs by typing control-shift-T in the terminal window. You can make new windows by typing control-shift-N. You can switch between windows by typing Alt-Tab. You can switch between tabs in a terminal window by holding down the Control key and pressing the Page Up or Page Down keys.

Press control-shift-T twice so that you have three tabs in your terminal window. These will be referred to as the Tekkotsu tab, the Mirage simulator tab, and the ControllerGUI tab.

ControllerGUI Tab

Go to the third (rightmost) tab and type the following:

ControllerGUI localhost

This is the graphical interface you will use to control your simulated robot. It won't do much yet because your robot is not yet running.

Mirage Tab

Mirage is a virtual environment simulator for Tekkotsu. Go the the third (middle) tab and type the following:

cd /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools/mirage
./mirage worlds/tictactoe.mirage

When the OGRE3D dialog box pops up, click on the Accept button. You should then get a Mirage window showing a tic-tac-toe board. See the Mirage Command Summary to learn how to fly around in Mirage.

Tekkotsu Tab

Go to the first (leftmost) tab) and type the following:

cd ~/project
./tekkotsu-CREATE -c mirage.plist

Note: you can use command completion to shorten your typing. For example, type "./tek" and then hit the tab key, and this will cmoplete to "./tekkotsu-CREATE". Similarly, type "mir" and hit the tab key and it will cmoplete to "mirage.plist".

Once Tekkotsu is running, you should see a simulated Create robot in your Mirage window, and your ControllerGUI window should come alive and display the Root Control menu items. Now you are ready to explore Tekkotsu robotics!

To exit Tekkotsu, type Control-c in the Tekkotsu tab.

Next Steps

  1. In the ControllerGUI window, click on the RawCam button. Now you can see what the robot sees.
  2. In the ControllerGUI window, click on the "W" button in the Teleop row. This starts the Walk Controller. Click and drag on the red dot to drive your robot around.
  3. Go to the Labs page and work your way through some of the laboratory exercises.