Eclipse install instructions

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1. Install the Eclipse C/C++ Developer package. You could do "apt-get install eclipse", but to avoid getting a stale version, it's better to directly install the latest release (Helios in 2010).

cd /usr/share
sudo -s
tar -xvzf eclipse-cpp-helios-linux-gtk.tar.gz
ln -s /usr/share/eclipse/eclipse /usr/local/bin 

2. Set Eclipse to recognize fsm files as C++ source:

  • Type "eclipse &" to start Eclipse.
  • Go to Window > Preferences
  • Open the C/C++ folder, then click on File Types
  • Click on New, then specify *.fsm as the pattern, and set the type to C++ Source File.
  • Click OK twice.

3. Set Eclipse to indent lines by 2 spaces:

  • Go to Windows > Preferences
  • Open the C++ folder, then the Editor folder
  • Select Typing, then click on the "code style preference page" link
  • Click on Edit and change the name of the profile, e.g., to "K&R [2 spaces]"
  • Set the Tab Size to 2 characters
  • Click OK twice.

4. Set up your project directory as an Eclipse project.

  • Go to File > New > Project
  • Select C/C++ project
  • Specify the path to the project files as ~/project