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The EasierTrain tool uses some packages that currently work only on 32 bit architectures. Therefore, if you are running on a 64 bit workstation, you must install a 32 bit version of Python. Note: if you are running on a 32-bit machine, you still need to rebuild Python if it was compiled without the tcl-dev and tk-dev packages installed.

The following instructions are known to work for Python 2.6.4 under Ubuntu 10.04:

1. Install required libraries:

sudo -s          # Become root so we don't have to type sudo every time
apt-get -y install python-dev python-imaging-tk

2. Install psyco:

cd /opt
wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/psyco/files/psyco/1.6/psyco-1.6-src.tar.gz/download
tar xzf psyco-1.6-src.tar.gz
cd /opt/psyco-1.6
python setup.py install

3. Install EasierTrain:

cd /opt
wget http://tekkotsu-easiertrain.googlecode.com/files/EasierTrain-20100126.zip
unzip -d easiertrain EasierTrain-*.zip
mv easiertrain /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools

There is a shell script /usr/local/Tekkotsu/tools/EasierTrain that can be used to run the tool, provided that the tools directory is included in the user's search path.