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The DisplayKinTree demo displays the robot's kinematic tree on the console. This will show you the names of all the joints, and how the model of the robot is structured in Mirage or the DH Wizard. The kinematic definition is taken from the .kin file in the project/ms/config directory, e.g,, for the Calliope robot the file is project/ms/config/Calliope.kin.

Robot type: all robots.

Where to find the demo: Root Control > Framework Demos > Kinematics Demos > DisplayKinTree

Source code: Tekkotsu/Behaviors/Demos/Kinematics/DisplayKinTree.cc.fsm

Running the Demo

Activate the demo by using the ControllerGUI. Check the Tekkotsu console to see the output.

Sample Output

Here is the kinematic tree of the Calliope robot:

16: BaseFrame (revolute) q=0 deg [collisionModel:Cube] [collisionModel:Cube] [collisionModel:Cube] [collisionModel:Cube]
  -1: UNUSED {center of axle} (revolute)
     0: WHEEL:L (revolute) q=0 deg
     1: WHEEL:R (revolute) q=0 deg
   2: NECK:pan (revolute) q=0 deg
     3: NECK:tilt (revolute) q=0 deg [collisionModel:Cube] [collisionModel:Cube]
      -1: UNUSED (revolute)
        18: CameraFrame (prismatic) q=0 mm
      19: LeftIRFrame (prismatic) q=0 mm
      20: CenterIRFrame (prismatic) q=0 mm
      21: RightIRFrame (prismatic) q=0 mm
   4: ARM:base (revolute) q=0 deg
     5: ARM:shoulder (revolute) q=0 deg
       6: ARM:elbow (revolute) q=0 deg
         7: ARM:wrist (revolute) q=0 deg
           8: ARM:wristrot (revolute) q=0 deg
            17: GripperFrame (prismatic) q=0 mm
               9: ARM:lfinger (revolute) q=0 deg
              10: ARM:rfinger (revolute) q=0 deg
  -1: UNUSED {front caster} (revolute)
  -1: UNUSED {back caster} (revolute)