Denavit-Hartenberg conventions

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  • d = height of reference frame n's origin above the xn-1-yn-1 plane
  • θ = xn's angular offset (about the zn-1 axis) from the xn-1 axis
  • r = distance to travel from zn-1 along the xn axis to reach the origin of reference frame n
  • α = zn's angular offset (about the xn axis) from zn-1

When zn is parallel to zn-1, the value of d is arbitrary, and α is 0.

Another Illustration

This version uses a slightly different order of operations: θ, d, r (called a), and α. Switching the d and θ steps has no effect on the final result.

Step 1:
Rotate around z0 by θ
Step 2:
Displace along z0 by d
Step 3:
Displace along x1 by a (or r)
Step 4:
Rotate around x1 by α
All in oneFile:DH_all.png