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The CreateWallFollow demo uses the Create's IR wall sensor to maintain a constant distance from a wall. The wall sensor is on the right side, so the robot can only follow walls to its right.

Robot type: iRobot Create

Where to find the demo: Root Control > Framework Demos > Navigation Demos > CreateWallFollow

Source code: Tekkotsu/Behaviors/Demos/Navigation/

Setup instructions

The demo is optimized for a white (high reflectance) wall and may need some parameter tweaking to work well with other surfaces. Plasticor is recommended, but you can also use cardboard boxes as walls. Place the robot so that the wall is on its right side, about two inches away. If you use a single cardboard box, the robot will travel around it in a clockwise direction.

Running the demo

Take the robot out of emergency stop mode and start the behavior. If you would like to monitor the wall sensor values, go to Root Control > Status Reports > Sensor Observer > Sensors and check the Wall Signal box. Then go back to the Sensor Observer main menu and click on Console Output. Then start the behavior. Alternatively you could start the behavior and then go back to the Sensor Observer and click on Realtime Output to see the sensor value displayed right in the ControllerGUI.