Chiara delta series assembly notes

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Hip assembly

attach an OF-RX28H frame to an F2 frame using one M2 L6mm screw and M2 nut. Then drill out the holes in the OF-28 aluminum frme to match the F2 frame, and add three more nuts. Note: you must drill the aluminum, not the plastic, because the positions of the nuts control where the screws must go.

RX-28 servo setup

The servos come out of the box with the baud rate set to 57600. To set it to 1M baud, do:

Dynamixel Baud=57600 Path=/dev/ttyUSB0 baud rate 1000000

Set the servo ID, e.g., to the left middle elevator servo ID to 12, do:

Dynamixel Path=/dev/ttyUSB0 set 1 12

Move the servo to the midpoint of its travel:

Dynamixel Path=/dev/ttyUSB0 move 12 +0

The servo spine has a little nib that should be at the 12 o'clock position when the servo is at the midpoint of its travel. The servo horn has a notch that should be aligned with this nib when you press the horn onto the spine.