Calliope5P servo ids

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Cable    ID   Model    Servo Name
1 AX-12 NECK:pan
2 AX-12 NECK:tilt
100 AX-S1 none (sensor module)
3 RX-24F ARM:base
4 RX-28 ARM:shoulder
5 RX-28 ARM:elbow
6 RX-28 ARM:wrist
7 AX-18F ARM:wristrotate
8 AX-12 ARM:lfinger
9 AX-12 ARM:rfinger

Servo Programming

The RX servos come from the factory with a speed setting of 57600 baud. To set this to 1 million baud, do:

dynamixel_util Baud=57600 Path=/dev/ttyUSB2 baud rate 1000000

Servos initially have their id set to 1. To program the ids above, disconnect servos from the chain so that only one servo at a time has id 1. Then use the command below to set the id. Note that the correct Path setting (/dev/ttyUSB2 in this example) will depend on which USB-to-serial devices are currently plugged in to the computer.

dynamixel_util Path=/dev/ttyUSB2 set 1 new_id