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Language Features

Tekkotsu programs are written in "industrial strength" C++, employing advanced abstractions mechanisms including templates, multiple inheritance, polymorphism, name spaces, and functors. Thus, learning Tekkotsu programming is an opportunity to improve your C++ coding skills as well as your knowledge of robotics. Here are some resources that will help.

Online references:


Coding Standards

Every large software project uses coding standards to enforce a consistent style. Tekkotsu users should follow the Tekkotsu coding style. For example, in Tekkotsu, class names begin with capital letters; instance always begin with a lowercase letter. Also, Tekkotsu uses camelCaseIdentifiers rather than underscore_separated_identifiers. There is no formal document specifying the Tekkotsu coding style, but it has a lot in common with the Google C++ coding style, which is worth studying. Here are some resources:

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Standard Template Library

Tekkotsu makes heavy use of the STL container classes. These references will come in handy: