Adding a Webcam to the Create/ASUS

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You can add a webcam to the Create/ASUS robot if you don't want to use the ASUS built-in camera. Logitech webcams such as the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 work well.

When you plug the webcam into an ASUS USB port it will show up as /dev/video1. (The ASUS built-in camera is /dev/video0.) You can use the lsusb command to verify that the camera is visible on the USB bus, and do ls /dev/vid* to verify that it is showing up as the video1 device.

To tell Tekkotsu to use the new webcam, type the following commands to the Tekkotsu console:

set Drivers.Camera.Path=/dev/video1

The save command will write a hal-Create.plist file that contains the current settings, including the new value for Drivers.Camera.Path. Delete this file to return to the default settings.