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This page contains special instructions for installing Ubuntu on ASUS netbooks.

1. Turn on the wireless and webcam in the BIOS. (Most units are shipped with these already turned on, but we've also seen brand new units where these were turned off.) Power up the ASUS and press the F2 key during boot to enter the BIOS Setup Utility. Hit the right arrow key to select the Advanced tab, and then down arrow and Enter to select Onboard Devices Configuration. Make sure that all devices are enabled, then hit F10 to save and exit.

2. Make sure the Ethernet driver is working. The ASUS 1015PX and some other models use an Atheros AR8152 Ethernet card whose drivers are not included in Ubuntu 10.04. To see if there's a problem, do "ifconfig". If you do not see an eth0 or eth1 device then you do not have a working driver. Your options are:

  • Use wireless instead.
  • Use a USB Ethernet adapter when you need Ethernet access. These can be purchased for around $20.
  • Install the correct Atheros driver by following these instructions. To check the model of your Ethernet card, do "lshw -C network".

3. In the future, if you want to boot your ASUS from a thumb drive (perhaps to test out a Tekkotsu flash drive), press the Escape key, not the F2 key, during boot.

4. If you are having issues with Wireless not working, use "lspci" or "lshw -c network" to discover information about your WiFi card. For Broadcom device driver issues, see this page and this blog discussion.